Monday, 1 September 2008

Linux Pocket Guide by O Reilly

This is a command reference that I have been using for several months now (check your plug-ins if you can't see the image above) that I got off Amazon and it has really earned its keep. using 'man' in the terminal is an excellent source off information if you already know the command but sometimes you just don't know it or even know the facility existed. Don't worry about the "Covers Fedora Linux" if you don't use Fedora, the commands are generic that I have found and nothing has failed to work on my Ubuntu box that I have tried.

Linux Pocket Guideis fantastic as you can just dip into it for clarification on a command syntax for a quick solution (there are many examples on most commands, or you can just read through it as I did when it first arrived, discovering several commands I had no idea were possible. I didn't know for there were dictionary's lookup commands available at the command line (look, aspell, spell) for checking spellings for instance. Try the following as an example of it:

look big

Its extremely useful and helps with checking words on a variety of projects, including this blog. Check out the book, its inexpensive and pocket sized, perfect for taking with you on the odd trip to dip into and refresh, it gets my unreserved approval.

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