Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Bash script to act as a thesaurus

I just stumbled across this excellent post at The Linux and Unix Menagerie which lists a brilliant little script to add a thesaurus command to your shell, this just perfectly rounds off my recent discovery of the dictionary word lookup commands!

This script is very small, in fact surprisingly so. Just be careful copying it into your text editor as the formatting isn't 100% and needs some tweaking, nothing major and no one should have any problems (yeah I know, fatal last words ;))


Anonymous said...

But you need internet connection for that script to work.

People who work offline can use the following command instead: "wn animal -over".

John Williams said...

I had to do some quick Googling to find that 'wn' command. It is part of the wordnet package which I didn't know about, so thank you for the comment :)

For anyone wanting to give this a try (or install using your preferred method):

sudo apt-get install wordnet

It will pull in two other dependencies and is roughly a 30MB download.

Great find, Anonymous.