Saturday, 15 August 2009

Howto: Make Rhythmbox Put Album Covers on the Desktop (Desktop Art)

Ever wondered how people get the album covers on the desktop of the tracks they are listening too?

From Ubuntu Linux Tips and Tutorials

I'm happy to say its very simple, though it will depend on your albums having the cover art available in the mp3 folders.
Open up a terminal and simply paste these commands in one at a time:

If you do not have subversion installed then issue the following command, if you are not sure then enter it anyway, at worst it will just tell you it is already installed and do nothing.

sudo apt-get install subversion

And then these:

mkdir -p $HOME/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/
cd $HOME/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/
svn co

Fire up Rhythmbox and go to the Edit/Plugins in the menu bar and find Desktop Art in the lefthand list and simply enable it. You can now configure it using the configure button on the right hand pane, don't worry about using the X,Y positioning coordinates as you can simply alt+leftclick drag the desktop art frame when you exit the configuration. So just adjust the colours if you want, and chane the text position relative to the album cover art.

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Jay said...

Have you figured out how to make Desktop-Art parse album art embedded into the ID3 tags? I got this working and it is a wonderful little plugin but quite a lot of my art is embedded and this plugin refuses to see it.

Any ideas?