Friday, 22 August 2008

Recurse to find files and move them to a location

I just had to move a bunch of files out of individual sub-folders into the parent folder, time consuming to do that 50 or so times so a quick check of the "find" command and the solution is here:

find . -iname '*.avi' -exec mv {} /home/subbass \;

Command breakdown looks like this:

find .
find "here"
-iname '*.avi'
case insensitive name match on *.avi
-exec mv
execute the move command on the matches
the match result from find
path to move the files to
end of the -exec, each match runs as a new command

A quick command line, fairly simple syntax and it should prove a great time saver. You could easier of course cp or rm files instead of mv or many other possibilities.

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